Conversations For No Possibility #385

by Sue Hawkes

Deal killers, dream killers, idea killers. They begin like this: 

It’s a good idea, but… 

It’s all right in theory. 

It’s too difficult. 

It’s never been done before. 

It’s too risky. 

I don’t know how. 

Be practical. 

Don’t start anything yet. 

It’s not budgeted. 

It’s not good enough. 

It’s not part of your job. 

That’s not our/your problem. 

(Insert name) won’t go for it. 

It’ll never work. 

It’s too hard to make it work. 

It’s against policy. 

It needs more research. 

Let’s ask everyone/take a survey first. 

Let’s discuss it. 

Let’s form a committee. 

Let’s sit on it for a while. 

We’ll get back to you. 

We have been doing it this way for a long time and it works. 

If it’s such a good idea, why hasn’t anyone done it already? 

It’s ahead of it’s time. 

We’ve never done things like that before. 

Why bother? 

At a time in history when things are challenging, notice whether your conversations are opening or closing possibilities with yourself and others. We need the dreamers, the doers and your imagination now more than ever. 

Sue HawkesConversations For No Possibility #385