Creating Space #387

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes, organizing the environment around you calms the mind.  

When I receive challenges, bad news or find myself feeling overwhelmed, I organize and clean. 

For whatever reason, it calms my mind, gives me time to think, reduces external clutter and during the process, I reduce internal clutter. 

It does not take much brain power for me to clean and organize and while I’m busy with decluttering my physical space, my mind wanders in a peaceful way, the best way. In the peaceful spaces, I find creativity, ideas, focus and clarity.  

My external space improves, and so does my internal space.  

As my garbage and recycling fill, my peacefulness expands and clarity results. I also find structure and structure frees my creativity.  

When life feels chaotic – as it has quite a bit in 2020, what brings you peace? What creates the space to free your mind to creatively deal with the challenges and changes you are facing? 

Sue HawkesCreating Space #387