Adaptability Is Your Superpower #389

by Sue Hawkes

I was on a Zoom recently with a group of CEOs. Really, who isn’t on a Zoom with a group most days these days? 

Anyway, the subject came up of the blurring of home and work lines as summer is coming to an end.  

Now these CEOs all happened to be female and many of them were challenged with interruptions and expectations around home and work. 

Their baseline issue being a Mom within proximity means you are available – whether you are or are not, and that more traditional roles were assumed with their significant other as well (meaning, no one was interrupting the other parent in the house while working, only the parent in the historically traditional “Mom” role).  

My two cents? Time for a family meeting.  

The only problem is a lack of boundaries, expectations, and transitions.  

Regardless of your situation while working from home, it’s important to have periodic get togethers with whomever you room with to ensure you manage the responsibilities of home and work (and school) in a way that works for everyone. Then, it becomes a matter of saying yes or no based on the agreements you make. 

With 2020, we all need to revisit these changes as our lives and seasons continue to adjust to the conditions around us. Everything is impermanent and adaptability is your superpower.  

Sue HawkesAdaptability Is Your Superpower #389