Gifts Amidst The Flops #391

by Sue Hawkes

Failure is the fastest and most permanent teacher. 

I found out it was National chocolate chip cookie day (there really is a holiday for everything) and my husband loves cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are one of his favorites. So, I found this link to the top recipes in my favorite daily read, The Morning Brew.  

As I was approaching my anniversary and vacation, it seemed a lovely gift to embark upon making the top recipes over the next weeks for my husband, Kevin. 

I began with an interesting twist combining two of his favorite treats, the cookies and toffee. This recipe has apparently been downloaded 10 million times, so I had to believe it was a winner.  

Well, I blew it. I inadvertently used coconut flour instead of all-purpose flour (I’m the gluten free eater) and the result was dry, powder like cookies, not the brown butter and toffee experience I was hoping for. 

While the dry tasty chunks could be used on ice cream or in cookie shake creations, it wasn’t what I was seeking. After the fact, as I realized my mistake, I learned the consequences of coconut flour to baking and people.  

I will be revisiting this recipe and making it with the ingredients as described, to see if it’s as good as promised and deliver the sweetness to Kevin. And even though this was a flop, I found a silver lining. I may have discovered the source of my headaches. It was in the details about the coconut flour.  

When we’re present, there are always gifts available, even amidst the flops.   

Sue HawkesGifts Amidst The Flops #391