Priorities Ablaze #393

by Sue Hawkes

Priorities Ablaze  

I love music. So does my husband, Kevin. We can spend hours listening to music of all genres. It’s even better if we’re toodling along on our pontoon enjoying the moments.  

Some of our ventures include one hit wonders, trips down memory lane or we play the “music game” with friends and family as we each choose a song to share with the group and expand our musical palettes. We have many collections of very eclectic playlists which serve as a nostalgic source of joy when we revisit them. 

So, it’s no surprise we enjoy Jimmy Fallon and the music he showcases. We recently watched the debut of Ablaze, @AlanisMorissette’s first release in the past eight years on his show. 

It’s a commemorative experience, watching her perform flawlessly, joyfully and impeccably as a Mom and an artist. Her performance and professionalism memorialize 2020 with its challenges and gifts as she and her daughter interact lovingly while she sings.  

May we all embrace the opportunities while being exceedingly human throughout our interwoven work from home lives in the graceful way she did. 

For me, Ablaze may be my anthem for 2020, setting my priorities on fire.  

Sue HawkesPriorities Ablaze #393