40% TO GOAL #400

by Sue Hawkes

40%. For whatever reason, that number feels significant. While I’m not quite halfway, I’m close and haven’t missed a day, so I believe it will happen – reaching 1,000 daily blog posts as challenged by Seth Godin. 

2020 has certainly provided quite a number of topics to write about, and, the very nature of change this year offered many process changes, including to my writing process. I believe I’m a better observer, on the road to mastery and I am learning along the way. 

For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a macro look and document what I’m learning in this process. I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post: So far, it’s inspired at least one person to accept the challenge as well. Kudos to you @LacyStarling – oh, and check out her blog, it’s terrific! 

At 40% (400/1,000), here’s what I’m learning:  

  1. Some days you don’t want to…write anyway. And for kicks, you can use any practice you’d like and insert it into the space where the word “write” is italicized.  
  1. See #1 for the most visceral journey to mastery I’ve been on. It works and I’m better for it. 
  1. I took this challenge on because I don’t LOVE to write. I still don’t LOVE it, but I do LIKE it better. LIKE has morphed from a “like” to LIKE, so there’s progress. 
  1. Being disciplined like this is a game changer about being disciplined overall. It’s making me consistently reevaluate my time and how I use it. That’s a great thing. 
  1. I try to write, not over edit and let it go. This has been significant for me regarding perfectionism and I appreciate the opportunity to see brilliance in my own musings when I reread some of my previous blogs. 
  1. Relative to #5, I also appreciate the need to edit when I reread the less than brilliant musings which are poorly expressed. It’s made me slow down to be better. 
  1. Relative to # 5 and #6, both are necessary to learning. Not every post or attempt at anything is magic, by returning and refining, letting go and evolving I am better and so is the end product. 
  1. People are reading and it is helpful. For those of you who’ve taken the time to comment, text, email and call, THANK YOU. It seems every person taking the time did so on a day I needed it and it bolstered my confidence while refueling my willingness to continue. 
  1. There are days I want to quit writing this blog. When I believe it doesn’t matter, other pieces of my business or my clients need my attention, I’m zoomed out or just plain tired, I want to quit. And I don’t because I gave my word.  
  1. Because of #9, I’m more confident in myself and how I commit. It’s becoming easier to say “no.” 

Thank you for playing along and especially if you have reached out and commented to me about the blog. Many days, it feels like I’m talking to myself, which gets weird and lonely over time. Please know how much that few seconds commenting or communicating with me matters. I wouldn’t be at 400 without you! 

Sue Hawkes40% TO GOAL #400