Why Did I Do It That Way #403

by Sue Hawkes

Why Did I Do It That Way?

August is a great time of year. It’s always been the month for school shopping, last vacations, enjoying the long, hot, dog days of summer and the State Fair. When the State Fair is over, it symbolizes the end to the summer in my world.  

Only this year, there is no State Fair, and school’s a mess, and the shopping has declined as we stay home, and vacation was a staycation. Yet, summer will still dwindle in the following months, but it’s not the same.  

While things have changed this year, many of them I’m consistently grateful for. I’m happy to be home, we’re spending less money and time doing things that make less sense in the scheme of things. 

I often ask myself “Why did I (we) do this the way we used to?”  

It’s a great question as we get ready for our next transition with school and Fall. When I consider it, many things I’d “always” done without thought – until March – now make no sense. Why? 

I’m giving them thought.  

They aren’t the best solutions; they were the ones I habitually did. Many of the things I’m doing now are better solutions and methods, afford me more time, health and energy and have enriched my life at home and work.  

What has changed for the better?  

What has simplified?  

What’s become prioritized that wasn’t before?  

The State Fair will return, when, I don’t know. The Fall is coming no matter what. Me, I’m not going back to the way it was – not entirely, not ever. A lot of it didn’t work. 

Sue HawkesWhy Did I Do It That Way #403