When You're Ready #405

by Sue Hawkes

I heard it enough times I finally did it. 

If you’ve heard when you want something, write it down, it works. 

If you’ve heard  that once it’s written you should put it in front of you where you’ll see it every day and consciously or unconsciously you will register it, recognize it and be working on it, and thought, yeah, but…I have too. And then I did it. 

I placed an illustration on the wall in front of me, right behind my monitor because I kept hearing you must “obsess” about the future you want. I journal about it, I talk about it, I think about it, I create visuals about it, I long for it; and it’s working. 

We can read all the books, take all the programs, continue to learn like crazy people and work on all the betterment of self we can manage, but if we don’t DO the work, it stops with knowledge. It never becomes learning or wisdom; and it won’t become reality. 

Dream – envision what you want. Write about it, create a vision board, think and meditate on it. 

Simplify – say no to anything in the way, eliminate distractions, clutter, noise and people in the way. 

Focus – Obsess about it. Keep writing, talking, posting photos, making space for and sharing about it. Act as if it’s so and live it into reality. 

Do – Take actions consistent with the future reality. Risk. Do things you haven’t which align with the future state. 

Pay attention – Watch as the reality conspires to support your vision, the evidence is there when you’re ready to see it.  

Sue HawkesWhen You're Ready #405