Can You Value Both Worlds #407

by Sue Hawkes

Can You Value Both Worlds? #407 

Some of us are settling into our home offices in a new way. Me, I’m upgrading mine.  

Prior to the Spring of 2020, my home office would’ve been at the bottom of my list for renovations and investment, I spent most of my days with leadership teams at my office or in their cities. Now, as we adjust to virtual living and fall approaches in Minnesota, tricking my office out has risen to the top of my list. 

I’ve upgraded my surroundings, made it well more “techy,” beyond the ring light and decent camera, I am at the professional level for podcasting and video production without leaving my home. 

I’m learning to like it, adjusting my expectations and thoughts around how I work and appreciating the challenges and changes 2020 has offered us all. 

Smaller gatherings, socially distant practices, board games and games online with friends, reading actual books (not a screen), appreciating cooking, creating art, doing puzzles, exercising, learning, connecting, and slowing life down to be fully present with whomever we are with at that moment. It reminds me of how my parents lived and how I grew up. It’s warm and familiar to me. It’s a lovely contrast to my daily virtual world and it brings comfort when I don’t compare it to any other time in my life. 

It’s easy to react to the changes. I do miss travel and family and friends in gatherings that aren’t outdoors. I also am grateful for the groundedness I feel, time at home, presence and the comfort of now as it is. 

Can you value both worlds for the opportunities they offer? 

Sue HawkesCan You Value Both Worlds #407