The Future is “Techy-Feely” #434

by Sue Hawkes

As I think about the holidays, I’m sad knowing they’ll look different this year.  

Traditions become what they are because something works and carries forward. We look forward to the patterns and the familiarity brings comfort, predictability and love of our shared reality. 

At the same time, I know we’re balancing the fact that this is for one year, not forever.  

That doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of grief about this year – of course we do. 

As we’ve been adjusting and flexing and reinventing for many months, the blessings are in the forefront at times and so are the challenges.  

While we’d like to cling to the way it’s been, we can’t for this window in time. We must allow for a new experience and adjust to it for now.  

One day, we’ll return to what we knew and blend it with what we now know. This hybrid environment is offering opportunities for us all to embrace our new “techy-feely*” reality.  

Sue HawkesThe Future is “Techy-Feely” #434