No More Virtual Meetings #440

by Sue Hawkes

If you’ve been reading the blog consistently, you’ve heard me say I’ve dropped the word “virtual” from talking about online or digital meetings. The reason? It suggests they’re not real. Like “virtual” reality. 

It’s not reality, right? 

While working with my teams online or in person, I’ve heard my share of comments ranging from  

  • I’m drained after meetings all day… 
  • I’d rather meet in person… 
  • These meetings just don’t seem meaningful 
  • You can’t really connect… 
  • They’re boring and after back to back meetings, I’m Zoomed out 

Now, I do agree, it’s not EVER going to be the same as an in-person meeting. That said, we need to stop complaining and start leading. We’re NEVER going back to the way it was. The world will be hybrid and will also be better for it. 

If you’re attending the meeting and it’s boring – contribute. You get what you give. 

If you’re attending the meeting and you’re drained, stand up, take a walk, play music, move your body, get a treadmill and lift to move or run up and down your stairs if you can’t get outside. It’s time to bring the energy, not wait to consume it. No one is going to do it for you. Energy creates energy.  

I’ve been in all day meetings and had as much energy at the end of the day as the beginning. Energy is a choice. 

You can connect – get curious about others, learn more things, play music as people enter and take breaks during your meeting. 

If you need a break, don’t schedule them back to back – take a break every hour and refresh. 

I prefer in person meetings too, it’s not a reason to accept less. Raise the bar for your participation while owning the quality of every meeting you participate in and your digital days may surprise you. 

Sue HawkesNo More Virtual Meetings #440