Loss or Gain, You Choose #441

by Sue Hawkes

2020. So many people are wishing it away…I’ve certainly had my moments. Yet I challenge myself to rise to never wishing time away when I catch it. Life is short, we do not have the luxury of negative thoughts or wishing away our time. It’s a finite resource and you can’t reclaim it once it’s gone. It’s like inventory expiring on the shelf.

When considering 2020, what do we need to lose that we’ve gained? Whether it’s additional pounds, what’s not working, perceptions not serving us, naysayers, negative attitudes, or work inefficiencies, we need to lose them.

What do we need to gain that we’ve lost? Whether meaningful ways to connect at a distance or online, creative ways to meet outside, laugh, play and celebrate, healthier habits and attitudes, what it means to collaborate, significant relationships with people we’ve not met in person or a sense of tradition when the holidays will be different.

I’m choosing to fall in love with winter this year. When you live in Minnesota, you must learn to live with it, but you don’t have to love it. Tolerance is different than love, I’m choosing to love it.

Now my version of love will include heat lamps and layers of weather appropriate clothing while doing so but interjecting the word “love” will mean I need to embrace it all while being grateful.

Sue HawkesLoss or Gain, You Choose #441