Resilience Is A Choice #442

by Sue Hawkes

Resilience is a choice.

I’m hearing many leaders talking about the winter, what it means for their employees relative to the weather and the potential isolation it can offer to some people.

How can we as leaders empower people to be safe, lead our teams, keep our businesses running in a healthy manner and support those around us – whether through the distance, the economic challenges, education at home or mental health?

These are the real challenges we’re facing as we complete 2020 and enter 2021.

Resilience, and the practices associated with remaining creative and resourceful, realistic and optimistic during sustained difficulties is a necessity for leaders in the long run.

I’m asking myself “what if things never change?” and it’s pushed me to learn new skills, take on technology in a new way, ramp up my internet, tear down walls at our office and embrace what it takes to enjoy being on a screen more than ever.

Energy comes with learning and adapting. You’re either winning or learning, how can you embrace it all with a sense of joy?

One day at a time…

Sue HawkesResilience Is A Choice #442