Perspective Is Everything #444

by Sue Hawkes

It’s interesting how the same circumstances appear differently at different times. 

Living in Minnesota affords one of the most wonderful arrays of changing weather you could ask for. We’ve just entered into the splendor of Fall and the transition into Winter is testing us in tiny bits. 

At this time of year, I over dress. I find being outside on a 36-degree day near a bonfire is “cold.” I know this because we dressed for a distanced happy hour with our neighbors outside and we knew we weren’t fully prepared for sitting outside near a lake in 36 degrees yet. I wore the same clothing I’d wear in mid-January when the temperature might read sub-zero with windchill numbers to enhance the bite. Surprisingly, I wasn’t over heating at all. In fact, I was comfortable. 

Strangely, in March when it’s 36 degrees, I’ll be wearing a lighter jacket and celebrating the end of Winter. I’ll be commenting that it’s warming up and Spring is around the corner, and I won’t be cold. 

Why is it driving with the top down on a Spring day when it’s over 50 degrees feels SO good when a fallish 50 would suggest I’d turn on my seat warmer or a low temp for heat in the car? 

Perspective is everything. 

Sue HawkesPerspective Is Everything #444