It’s All There #449

by Sue Hawkes

When you pay attention, everything you need is right in front of you. 

As I went to cast my vote last week, we were standing in line on a chilly Minnesota day wishing we’d arrived even earlier to avoid the line outside in the cold wind.  

As we chatted with the people around us, a woman next to me suggested we didn’t need to wait since we had our absentee ballots. I found some people working nearby and asked, they confirmed there was no need to wait. We advanced, breezed through the process and proudly displayed our stickers for the day. 

It felt significant this year, more so than in previous years. We then moved to car shopping.  

I’m in the market and we’d agreed to go look for the new vehicle at a nearby dealership. When we arrived, they had no Jeeps for me to drive. None of the kind I wanted.  

The salesperson kindly referred me to another dealer, said he’d rather help than anything and we drove 20 minutes to see what the other dealer had. 

On the corner of the lot was the exact truck I was dreaming of, in the color I wanted (only 18 total in the US for sale!), with the accessories that I wanted (and some extra). I was thrilled. 

We drove it and confirmed it’s the “right” one for me.  

In both cases, I am grateful for the people around me who were kind and thoughtful enough to put our needs before their own and offer suggestions to guide us to exactly what we were looking for.  

I believe this is how it works when we’re at peace with ourselves and truly present. It’s all there, the question is can you access it? 

Sue HawkesIt’s All There #449