Yet #451

by Sue Hawkes

Goals. They’ve seemed more challenging to envision this year, haven’t they? 

When uncertainty prevails, we default to paralysis. We wait, hoping for certainty, familiarity and what we “knew” to be true. Funny thing is, it wasn’t true, it was predictable.  

Truth be told, predictability will fail you. When any of us gets too comfortable, we settle. Settling leads to mediocrity.  

What if we reframe goals to be a picture of ourselves, companies and lives in the future?  

If we get certain about the destination and work backward, today becomes a piece of the future vision leading me there. It’s less important how I get there, and more important that I do. Focus on what, not how. 

We must relentlessly pursue our vision of an intentionally great future if we are to attain it. Today, we are just not quite there…yet. 

Sue HawkesYet #451