If We Act Upon It #453

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes, the right question finds you at the right time.  

As I was reading through some of my journal notes, I found myself learning and re-learning some magnificent lessons. When you’re up early and you have this divine space and time where no one needs you, the day hasn’t begun for the world, and there is nothing but you and the silence of the day, it’s magical. 

I found myself marinating in the wisdom of so many other people as I perused the notes from webinars, EOS clients, speakers I’d seen, conferences I’d attended as well as my own musings.  

Of everything I read, one question jumped out and grabbed my full attention. I highlighted it and put it on the wall in front of my monitor to ensure I’d remind myself of it daily. 

The question? Whose life will you add value to today? 

It’s a good one, isn’t it? If we act upon it. 

Sue HawkesIf We Act Upon It #453