Who Are They Working For? #456

by Sue Hawkes

Think about it. As our world has evolved, we have to be better in new ways. 

Working in a more delivery-based world, what I’ve found is service and follow through are at the top of my list. 

One of my favorite places to purchase clothing recently sent my purchase to an old address…twice. I’ve ordered from them and fixed my address in my profile, talked with their very friendly customer service people and also been frustrated as I ordered this piece of clothing in September and still don’t have it. 

The company offered me a $25 credit as a reward for my trouble. Hmmmm, how do you use that when you can’t get me merchandise as promised already? 

Not a great solution, and they are unwilling to correct the error as they blame the courier.  

For me, there is no piece of clothing worth this amount of work and though I have purchased many items from them in the past, they are off my list going forward. 

Solving the problem while keeping it simple for the client is priceless. Be mindful of your solutions. Who are they working for? 

Sue HawkesWho Are They Working For? #456