Suffering Is a Choice #458

by Sue Hawkes

How are you thinking of this holiday season? Is it better, worse or the same? 

As many of you know, I’m focused and intent on making this year special regardless of circumstance. What I’ve determined is I need to be different with regard to what our traditions mean. It can’t and won’t look the same for our family.  

That is not the same as it being worse for me. It means I need to rethink, adjust and get creative. 

I’ve planned deliverable surprises for some people, I’ve refocused on what an intimate gathering can offer when a large gathering isn’t possible, we’ve aligned our attitudes with gratitude all month and I’m excited about making this year it’s own unique version of special. 

It won’t look the same, but it can feel worthwhile and wonderful nonetheless.  

In the same vein, I’m determined to fall in love with winter this year in new ways. This includes a parka and new warm boots to get outside beyond sports. It’s also included making a list of all I can do during the winter – indoors and outdoors to learn, enjoy and fall in love.  

Are you living in the gap between what used to be and what is? If so, you will always suffer. When you argue with reality, reality always wins. 

When things change, you need to as well. You know the alternative. 

Sue HawkesSuffering Is a Choice #458