Pondering Travel #462

by Sue Hawkes

Like most people, I’ve traveled far less this year than ever in my adult life.  

Having been in an airport at a time in history when it’s a secluded space, it’s interesting to experience people’s reactions. They range from “you’re traveling?” to “how is it?” and the tone is variable from dismay to curiosity. Some people ask their question with a dose of judgment embedded as well. 

I’m left thinking many people consider it irresponsible, ignorant or worse at this COVID spiking time in history. Full disclosure, I’m not seeking any extracurricular travel and when I have traveled, have done so with great care and safety in mind and I have quarantined following the trip. 

Though I’ve traveled very few times since March of 2020, as people have questioned in their various tones, it’s led me to unpack stigmas a bit. When questioned, I notice an almost automatic response to defend my behaviors, and explain why, what, how and all my preparations rather than engage in conversation. I know others are doing the same thing, choosing to avoid the topic or not disclose their travels publicly – including on social media. It’s about public perception management driven by the ego. 

Our world is a changing and challenging place right now. I’m left with that as I have a few weeks to think about all of this. 

Sue HawkesPondering Travel #462