Celebrating With Employees In 2020 #468

by Sue Hawkes

While there is no good way to gather at this time in history, you can still have a meaningful impact, share appreciation and connect your team beyond the screen. Though this article was written last year, the main premises remain constant – even during a pandemic.

  1. Give the Gift of Time – If ever there was a year for time off, this is the year we all need it most. You can offer your team a respite of a day off, hours accumulated or close your offices between Christmas and the New Year. With the challenges we continue to address at home and work, offering time off is one of the best gifts you can give to increase loyalty, send a message of care and also encourage rejuvenation with your staff. It isn’t a want, this year it’s a need for all of us. 
  1. Make it Meaningful and Memorable – We may not be together in person the same way but paying attention to what people value goes a long way. Can you deliver a meal to your team in person or if distanced, have food and beverage delivered to share a Zoom with no agenda other than sharing a meal and appreciation? Yes, it’s another meeting on a screen, but the result is different. Can you send a gift for no reason other than you thought of them? Is it personalized based on something they’ve always wanted, a hobby they have or interest they’ve shared? Can you schedule entertainment or a chef, sommelier, or comedian to entertain you for 30-45 minutes? People in the entertainment industry need the work and it makes your “event” special. Get creative and make it fun – we all need it. 
  1. Wellness Wins – With gyms closed at the moment, how can you support people with mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness? Do you know a yoga instructor or personal trainer? How about a therapist or coach? Are there apps you could make available (think meditation, journaling, exercise, breathing, stretching…)? What about stress reliever toys, comedians or ugly sweater contests? Consider a book club with wellness in the center (like Thank and Grow Rich) and organize a book study. Find ways to create fun and encourage self-care, we all need it.  
Sue HawkesCelebrating With Employees In 2020 #468