This Is 2020 #470

by Sue Hawkes

I was reflecting on both flexibility and resilience today, and my thoughts prompted me to go to   

Flexibility is defined as: 

  • the ability to bend easily or without breaking 
  • the quality of being easily adapted or of offering many different options
  •  the ability and willingness to adjust one’s thinking or behavior

Resilience is defined as: 

  • the power or ability of a material to return to its original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched 
  • the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes, etc. 
  • the ability of a system or organization to respond to or recover readily from a crisis, disruptive process, etc. 

No wonder we’re tired. This is 2020.  

Sue HawkesThis Is 2020 #470