Finding Inspiration These Days #474

by Sue Hawkes

Finding inspiration. It’s become a habit for me, because some days – these days – it’s been more challenging to do given the circumstances.  

I’ve taken to watching great speakers, reading more, thinking more and writing more. I’m focused on health, kindness, appreciation and gratitude. What can I do? What else is possible? What are the gifts? 

When I am intentional this way, my equilibrium returns and so does my inspiration.  

It’s something I’m finding I need to look for, be intentional about and practice more often, because 2020. 

Discipline to do so is a game changer.  

It’s easy to look around and complain. It’s easy to look around and be filled with gratitude. 

It all depends on what you look for.  

Sue HawkesFinding Inspiration These Days #474