Gifts #480

by Sue Hawkes

This year, what are the gifts you’re celebrating? What are the gifts you’re offering? Is it just me, or do the gifts seem to be more relative to spending meaningful time online or in person where possible? This year, with all its challenges, difficulties, twists and turns has also proven to be the interruption many of us needed. 

As I ponder what a gift is, I recognize I truly enjoy giving gifts, especially meaningful ones. Gifts which offer inspiration, remind people I was listening to the subtleties of their desires, frustrations, wishes, wants and hopes. Gifts that say, “I hear you.”  

To craft something, whether a note or painting, song, game or meal is to express love and care. When you think of people and the gifts they are to you, what stands out? What do you think of, what aspects of their character make you pause? 

The gifts around us are abundant, do you see them? More importantly, do you offer them? 

Sue HawkesGifts #480