Patience not Patients #482

by Sue Hawkes

In a year when nothing is “normal” and we’re all waiting for 2020 to become 2021, please remember today is what we have. I end my podcasts and my autoresponder with “make today great, it’s the only day you’ve got…”  

We’re in the crunch time of the pandemic, and I’ve been in many conversations hearing people sharing how tired they are of “it.” It being all things related to sheltering in place, working from home and being mindful as we’re navigating December, cold weather months (for those of us in the Midwest), holidays and the challenges associated with nine months of pretty constant sweeping change.  

I’ve said it before and I want to say it again, rest, don’t stop. We can navigate one year of skipped traditions, gifts most of us don’t need, and hugs we’d love to deliver. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. To risk having get togethers because we’re tired could result in the stop we didn’t intend. 

As our family has discussed, we’ll celebrate one day when it’s safer and we can all be together – we’ll make our own holiday that day and hug each other while feasting, laughing and connecting. And maybe, on that self-declared holiday, we’ll savor EVERY moment we’re together…pre-pandemic, some of us took too much for granted and we’re awakened to it right now.  

Will our patience outlast our short memories? 

Sue HawkesPatience not Patients #482