Our Memories Are Short #487

by Sue Hawkes

I’m looking back at 2020 with wonder and curiosity. Are you? 

When I think of this year most people tired with all it’s twists, turns, losses, challenges and opportunities, I am filled with gratitude. There was no way to be a bystander this year. 

2020 demanded more of all of us than most years ever will. Will you pause long enough to savor the gifts amidst the loss, the wins among the losses and the opportunities along with the problems? 

Slow down. Pause. Think back and write it all down. Our memories are short, the lessons, wins and gifts don’t have to be short lived. Capture them all and marinate. There’s goodness available to inform 2021 in the best ways possible.  

Sue HawkesOur Memories Are Short #487