Saying Hello to 2021 #491

by Sue Hawkes

As we turn the page on the calendar to 2021, many people are viewing it as a good riddance of 2020, and a chance to renew, refresh and restart anew. 

For me, I’ve noticed a reluctance to embrace the new year with the zest of it being a completely fresh start. Though the calendar has begun anew, the world and our challenges have not.  

I do find myself clear after review of 2020 that we, as people are resilient. We may be dinged and worse for the wear, but we’re gaining momentum in the right directions and will make it through this together.  

A few thoughts for those pursuing New Year’s resolutions. I’m personally against them, they don’t work and I’ll share more tomorrow – I wrote an article in Entrepreneur on this last year. I am all about having a personal and business plan for the year (and beyond).  

We use the EOS® VTO and Personal VTO for our business and lives. Should you want to learn more, we’ve got more for you here: 

Welcoming 2021 is strangely different with the pandemic, and yet it’s not. The illusions of new beginnings work for some – if it’s your timing. If not, turn the calendar page and power forward.  

Your time will come. It doesn’t have to coincide with the calendar. 

Sue HawkesSaying Hello to 2021 #491