Are You An Entrepreneur? Read This #494

by Sue Hawkes

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Here’s a list of the 21 habits of successful entrepreneurs from  Entrepreneur magazine: 

  1. They keep a journal. 
  1. They talk to themselves in a mirror. 
  1. They meditate. 
  1. They read. 
  1. They embrace their fears. 
  1. They know that failure is part of success. 
  1. They associate with only positive people. 
  1. They set intentions. 
  1. They talk to the universe. 
  1. They are thankful. 
  1. They prioritize their time. 
  1. They don’t sweat the small stuff. 
  1. They focus on what they can control. 
  1. They actively listen. 
  1. They enjoy money as a byproduct of their dream. 
  1. They don’t count on luck. 
  1. They love having fun and celebrating. 
  1. They forgive themselves and others. 
  1. They never give up but will change when needed. 
  1. They don’t make rash or emotional decisions. 
  1. They listen to their intuition. 
Sue HawkesAre You An Entrepreneur? Read This #494