How Will You Evolve? #498

by Sue Hawkes

How will you evolve this year? As I understand, pandemics don’t just come to an end. Which for me means we need to evolve with the progress of the world around us as things continue to change. 

Our future is hybrid. What does this mean? It means we will continue with the best parts of what was, is, and is yet to be. 

We’ve done 10 years of transitioning in a matter of months, and many of the changes are still evolving at work and at home. It’s not an event and it won’t be over, we will continue to dance with the changes, though we’re hopeful they won’t be as abundant, universal or continuous as they were in 2020. 

Derek Thompson said, “although the biological stage of the pandemic might come to an end in 2021, the infrastructural aftershocks will be with us for a while.” I agree. We will continue to sort what we’re keeping, what we’re continuing and what we’re deleting well into 2021. 

How will you evolve?  

Your team?  

Your family?  

Your organization?  

What’s best for the greater good? 

Sue HawkesHow Will You Evolve? #498