The Miserable Middle #499

by Sue Hawkes

Transitions are challenging.  

When you’re moving from one way of eating to another, or one season to another, or one job to another or any way of doing things that has become habitual and now you’re seeking to change it, it’s a challenge. 

We (I say “we” loosely as Kevin did most of the real work, I did parts) recently upgraded my home office. This meant a technology upgrade with many moving parts. Thankfully @Nickhemmert and Kevin know well more than I do about how to make it happen. With many problems, cords missing, parts not as promised and a messy aftermath, it was installed.  

I’m learning to use so many things, and what’s keeping me going is the excitement about what this makes possible for me, our company and the work we do. What I am challenged with is the learning curve to break old habits, living in the discomfort of learning and unlearning, and wanting things to come easily when they’re not practiced. Ever purchased a new car or cell phone? Multiply that by 100 and you’re with me right now.  

It’s not pretty, yet. It’s not easy, yet. I’m not ready, yet. But I’m getting there. I love the beginning and I love completion. The middle, not so much.  

Kanter’s Law says “everything looks like a failure in the middle. The middle includes those moments when it seems you can’t move forward.” Welcome to the miserable middle.  

It’s the same with the pandemic. We’re in the miserable middle.  Hang in there people. We will get through this and in many ways be better for it. Focus on the future and what lies ahead as we move forward. We can do this. Together. 

Sue HawkesThe Miserable Middle #499