Disruption Will Continue #506

by Sue Hawkes

In a world that continues to challenge us while evolving, twisting and turning, have you stepped back to determine what’s working, what’s not and what you will and won’t change?  

One of the things that changed as most companies incorporated working remotely (or what I refer to as mobile), is we increased the frequency and methods of our collective communication. As more of us became geographically dispersed, we utilized technology and increased our meetings. 

Some would like to change that. They are fatigued by all the communication and want to return to the way that it was. This will be more challenging as we emerge into 2021. 

The benefit of everyone being distanced (unless an essential worker/workplace) is that it forced us all to try it whether we were ready or not. 

As we emerge into our future state, everyone will be choosing. We’ll be choosing whether to work at an office, mobile or some combination of the two. Businesses will be doing the same thing. They will determine whether an office is necessary or not, and what degree of flex they see as effective for the business. 

Disruption will continue. We aren’t all in the same situation at the same time in the future. Will you step back and assess what is best for your business? Will you flex? Will you try to go back? 

Intentional assessment is necessary. There are benefits and detriments to an office, flexible work and being entirely mobile. We all have choice, and it will cause more change. 

Sue HawkesDisruption Will Continue #506