Your Next Is Now #511

by Sue Hawkes

It’s time to check in.  

How are you doing with your 2021 resolutions or intentions? 

If you are going strong: Awesome, amazing and kudos. Discipline is your backbone and you’ve got a great streak going. Whether it was sober January, new exercise habits, meditation, journaling, sleep or a hobby, congratulations! For some of us, participating in the Whole Life Challenge ( is a concert of these things scaled down to produce incremental habit improvement and it works. CONGRATULATIONS! 

Are you improving? Sometimes better, sometimes not so much? Celebrate that you’re practicing and not perfect. That’s why it’s practice. Keep recommitting, push through when you’re close and find a network of support to encourage your progress. Sometimes you just need a nudge, a push or a partner. James Clear says “Improvement is a battle that must be fought anew each day. Your next workout doesn’t care how strong your last one was. Your next essay doesn’t care how popular your last one was. Your next investment doesn’t care how smart your last one was. Your best effort, again.”   

You can do this. You matter. Today is a fresh start, don’t let yourself off the hook. 

Sue HawkesYour Next Is Now #511