Don’t Do The Same Thing #512

by Sue Hawkes

Do you need to shake up your routine? 

The more people I talk with right now, the more I’m hearing how their days blend into one another. Granted, we live in Minnesota and winter is more of a challenge than summer during this pandemic year. 

What can you do?  

Get creative.  

Think about what you can do at work to shake it up, we all need more fun these days and it seems people are looking to their leaders for that experience. 

My thought?  

Create a fun committee or two or three within your workplace (or family) and turn them loose. Whether in an online environment or distanced in person, there are things you can do. Fun, creativity and connection are a heartbeat away if you remind people. 

Don’t expect it or wish for it. Ask around and do it.  

You might just surprise yourselves. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Do The Same Thing #512