Need More Time? #514

by Sue Hawkes


It’s an easy word and concept to grasp. It’s MORE than enough. describes it as “fullness to overflowing.” 

Seems simple enough. Until I think about time. It’s one of the greatest areas to improve relative to my own growth. 

There are moments where it seems there is more than enough time, then there are the moments I stress myself efforting to get it all done, to make all I’ve committed myself to happen within the timeframe I’ve promised. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, hit repeat for me. 

What’s worked to help with this is acknowledging what I already have accomplished (gratitude), stepping back and simplifying while I re-prioritize (sometimes many times for this), and lowering the bar. 

If you’re anything like me, you set the bar high and good is never good enough. Except when it is. 

Give yourself a break on this one and watch what happens. It’s a game changer. 

Sue HawkesNeed More Time? #514