Impact #520

by Sue Hawkes

Are you aware of the impact you have on others? 

I received a lovely acknowledgement through social media from an incredible woman recently. It began with a quick message and evolved into a brief exchange about the profound difference I had made in her life. I’ve not seen her in many years, we rarely exchange “likes” and yet, I have a connection and fond memories of her. I didn’t have a recollection of what she shared. After our exchange I became keenly aware of two things: 

  1. I move too quickly at times, so much so, I miss the caring acknowledgement people offer; 
  1. When I slow down, I am open and vulnerable to the impact of their appreciation. 

This sounds simple and rather understated when I read it; and it is.  

Often, the simplest ideas are the most profoundly impactful. When I realize the interactions I’m having may have more permanent or lasting impact for others, though usually not as I recall them, I am more intentional about my communication – both speaking and listening. 

rarely recognize the same moments others do as being impactful. I’m not always present the way they are. 

How amazingly the favor is returned when you’re ready for it. 

Sue HawkesImpact #520