Opportunity Cost #521

by Sue Hawkes

Opportunity cost. It’s always there. 

When you say “YESS!” to something, you say “no” to many others.  

Too often, we disregard what the costs actually are.  

When you’re overscheduled, there is no space. No space for opportunity, spontaneity, things to go wrong or things to emerge. You’ve planned it all away and it becomes more difficult and chaotic to manage all you’ve committed to. 

We must learn to say no. We must allow space. Space to breathe, relax, respond and go with the flow. When we lose space, we lose the opportunity to create.  

Our best selves shrink, get crabby, fail and burn out with no space.  

It’s like a plant with no light, it will not grow. 

Sue HawkesOpportunity Cost #521