Making Friends With The Day #527

by Sue Hawkes

I woke up with a feeling of hope, inspiration, gratitude and peace.  

I was driving alone to work out with a good start to the day, it was early and still dark. On my drive, the sun was rising.  

As I witness the soft hues of the morning kissing the horizon, the pink hues merging into lavender and tangerine on its boundaries, it somehow signaled hope, peace and inspiration to me. I was present enough to appreciate the beauty and quiet of this time. 

I love being up to greet the morning as the light emerges. It feels like Springtime. It feels like renewal. 

When the day begins like this it’s easy to make friends with whatever is to occur.  

Let me be present enough to begin more days like this please. 

Sue HawkesMaking Friends With The Day #527