Making the Invisible Visible #543

by Sue Hawkes

Everybody leans on leaders.  

Do you ever feel like you’re the shock absorber for those around you? I know I do.  

You buffer things, are a sounding board, are the Voice of Reason and helper to those around you who may need a confidential source to confide in when things are chaotic, or you can’t talk with much of anyone about what’s happening in your world. 

When you’re that resource for others, where do you turn? 

Who’s your safe place? 

How to you hear your own thoughts outside yourself without breaching the confidence of others? 

For me, journaling has been a Godsend in this regard as it allows me to see my own thoughts on paper.  

Much like this blog, it makes the invisible, perpetual conversation visible.  

What I can see, I can change.  

When I don’t see it, it can grow, get rehashed and without intervention, it will turn into a bad roommate in my head. 

You can’t evict the roommate, but you can limit their space. 

Sue HawkesMaking the Invisible Visible #543