Burned Out? Try This. #545

by Sue Hawkes

When something shows up repeatedly in my world, I realize quickly it’s a message, not a random event. I treat feedback the same way. Instead of reacting to each message and questioning myself, I’ve learned to seek patterns – both working and not working. 

This pattern recently showed itself: do you need help with burn out, stress and the emergence from winter for yourself or your teams?  Though it’s been a mostly manageable season in Minnesota, we’re at varying degrees of cabin fever as spring begins.  

My remedy? The acronym SAVERS – which comes from Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning. Whether you do this in the morning as part of your routine or use it as a filter to see what you need more of and what you might be missing or avoiding, it works. Here’s the definition: 

S = silence (or meditation) 

A = affirmation (or gratitude) 

V = visualization (seeing your future turning out successfully in technicolor) 

E = exercise (intentional movement) 

R = reading (inspirational or otherwise, continuous learning) 

S = scribing (writing, journaling or clarity breaks) 

Doubtful? Try it. There’s also an inspirational group led by Brianna Greenspan on Clubhouse if you want to jumpstart your day with this! 

Sue HawkesBurned Out? Try This. #545