Make My Day #548

by Sue Hawkes

Do you get excited when you receive an unexpected gift?  

Me TOO! 

When someone takes the time to listen, hear what you enjoy, are interested in, care about and appreciate and they unexpectedly send a package with a little something to cheer you up and make your day, it does just that.  

It’s one of the ways you can surprise someone, share joy and be supportive all at once.  

AND, it’s fun because both you and the recipient celebrate the joy together. 

I have been the fortunate recipient of many of these surprises, and they ALWAYS come on a day when you need it.  

Thank you Stephen Woessner for the day brightener. I’m enjoying the mood of Studio A right now. 

If you’re wondering how to support your circle, consider an unexpected surprise, you might be the one who needs it! 

Sue HawkesMake My Day #548