Say It Out Loud #549

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever struggled to begin something or try something new? Me too.  

And the journey to the starting line can feel like a marathon if you stay trapped between your ears. 

One solution for this … tell someone. 

Yup. It’s that simple.  

Say it out loud to someone, maybe even more than one someone. 

I did this recently as I admitted I was somewhat intimidated by Clubhouse and had only lurked in rooms, a bit nervous about hosting my own in a group setting. Several friends admitted they shared the same concern. 

We scheduled a room together and jumped in. We included others.  

No one was injured, no stress occurred, and we had a blast.  

It’s a strategy worth repeating.  

When “just do it” seems like too great a leap, tell a friend or two and schedule it together. What we made up prior to the event was nothing like the fun we had learning together.  

Learning is fun when you remember you don’t have to be an expert. 

Sue HawkesSay It Out Loud #549