55% To Goal #550

by Sue Hawkes

For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a macro look at my quest to writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000 and document what I’m learning throughout this process. (I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post).  

One friend Lacy Starling has joined me in the quest and she is succeeding at blogging daily as well. The strange thing is, when I read hers and see the numbers, it seems like she’s going faster than I am! How crazy is that?  

Great perspective for me in the comparison game. Even when I logically know it’s not true, it seems like her progress is mounting more quickly than mine. Ah, the joys of catching your own misgivings.  

What a gift! Thank you Lacy.  

So here are my top ten observations at 55% (550/1,000) to goal: 

  1. I have unshakable confidence I’ll reach 1,000 in this moment. 
  1. Comparison is a poor reflection of reality, even when I know it to be true. 
  1. My feelings still don’t follow logic, they follow my perceptions. Be wary of perceptions that are not forwarding. 
  1. Solidifying my routine, getting great sleep and focusing on priorities is a game changer. 
  1. I’m only as good as the team around me. 
  1. The healthier I am with my practices, the better I feel and think. 
  1. Learning is a team sport. 
  1. Asking for help hasn’t seemed to get any easier. 
  1. A pandemic is a great way to sort through the noise. 
  1. Saying “no” is a practice I’ll need for the rest of my life. 
Sue Hawkes55% To Goal #550