Don’t Miss The Opportunity #551

by Sue Hawkes

As we move into the next phases of the emerging world of work, the topic of hybrid work is frequenting meetings, conversations and minds everywhere. 

I am fascinated by the topic and have immersed myself in the conversation since mid-2020. 

The fact of the matter is, we entered the pandemic as one, at least by geographic location. 

And now, as we sort through the details of a workforce that has had various degrees of being “essential”, “hybrid” or “distanced” (along with their children and schools). Combine that with a workplace that’s had various degrees of the same arrangements and couple that with all workplaces emerging on their own terms in their time based on location, necessity, economic impact from 2020-2021, beliefs, productivity and efficiencies/effectiveness gained or lost; it’s messy to say the least. 

In order to manage the culture, business needs and conversations, we all need to be involved. 

No one has your answers.  

No one.  

Asking your people to convene, converse and solve the complexities of how work can, should, and will be done going forward is a collective conversation. We can’t assume how we were doing things was best, nor can we assume how we are currently doing things is best. We need to evaluate and re-emerge with a better way as a result of this reset we’ve been given. 

Don’t miss the opportunity. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Miss The Opportunity #551