11 Fun Phrases #554

by Sue Hawkes

Some of the best words and phrases I’ve ever heard are made up or seldom used. They are words people have invented to describe a current situation that may or may not have an equivalent term and, in the moment, sums up what’s happening better than imagined.  

Here’s a list of a few of my favorites, feel free to add your favorites in the comments as well: 

  1. Too-muchness – realization in a pandemic world 
  1. Stick-with-it-ness – the ability to hang with things when it’s pushing your limits 
  1. Clusterfuck – self explanatory and well used by many 
  1. Kerfuffle (this is a real word) – just a great word when you can’t say clusterfuck 
  1. Shit-ton – great expletive 
  1. Unfuckwithable® (my personal favorite) – trademarked word – check it out here! 
  1. Badassery – one step shy of Unfuckwithable, still really great 
  1. Vaxhole – someone vaccinated who brags about it 
  1. Bassackwards – worse than backwards 
  1. Bish – one of my favorite bulldogs on Insta uses this to describe her owner – priceless 
  1. Wow That’s Fantastic – as code for WTF when you need to be PC in public 
Sue Hawkes11 Fun Phrases #554