Change Is Hard #558

by Sue Hawkes

We all know change is disruptive. It’s especially disruptive if we think it’s happening to us rather than when we believe we are part of the change. 

Whether it’s leaving a job, starting a new job, changing your business model, automating something that’s been manual, buying a new phone, technology, appliance, car or a pandemic, things are no longer as they were. 

How we manage the learning curve into the future largely depends on several things: 

  • Do I trust myself with the change(s)? 
  • Am I a happy learner, excited about the opportunity the change provides? 
  • Am I coming from a context of abundance, appreciation and curiosity? 
  • Am I willing to accept help? 
  • Can I learn: 
  • Easily? 
  • In a reasonable timeframe to maintain my competence, effectiveness and productivity? 
  • and let go of what I “know” (or what I think I know) while also remaining confident in the change? 

If you answered yes to these questions, proceed. If at any point it’s not working, you can always change your mind.  

Sue HawkesChange Is Hard #558