Your Other Business #559

by Sue Hawkes

If you own a business, you’ve been running quite a race for the past year-ish. 

Are you taking care of yourself as a leader and in your life?  

Something that can help with perspective is to remember you’re actually running two businesses. Whether you’ve ever thought of it this way or not, you’re running the business you have now and you’re running your business in the future. 

When the pandemic began, this is what shook us up. Our business today was in question as well as whether there would be a business of the future. One is absolutely predicated on the other. 

We must manage our mindset about both businesses. When we focus too heavily on one or the other, its impact is felt in both.  

Where’s your focus?  

How is it working? If it’s not working, you may want to focus on your other business. 

Sue HawkesYour Other Business #559