About Making Plans #560

by Sue Hawkes

“When we make plans, God laughs.” 

I’m having one of those days. In my mind, it was an open day for me to catch up, make space, create, practice and deliver on multiple deadlines that are all crashing in at once. It was my chance, my day. 

This is where you cue the laugher. 

The day unraveled quickly, going nothing like the picture I had of all I would accomplish. 

One interruption after another, my day devolved into a few completed tasks, a few near tear moments and when the couch I ordered some time ago reached the moving company and they called to let me know they only work 8-4 Monday through Friday, won’t give me a window of time smaller than eight hours, can’t drive down my driveway and won’t deliver the couch beyond the apron of my garage anyway, I realized nothing, literally nothing was going to happen on my terms today. 

As crabby as I was getting, the woman on the phone with the delivery service was so helpful and empathetic, we problem solved together and laughed together.  

My agenda evaporated, my attitude improved, and my couch looks fabulous. 

Thank goodness there’s always tomorrow and another chance to be laughed at. 

Sue HawkesAbout Making Plans #560