Convergence #561

by Sue Hawkes

Convergence: it’s when things come together.  

Right now, with time to think becoming more available in my calendar and the team encouraging me and supporting the space, alignment is happening. 

It’s not something you can force, make happen or grasp until there is space for it to unify, converging into something greater and compelling you forward. 

As our future unfolds in my mind in this moment, I’m appreciating all the people who have contributed to the forging of our next emerging future. 

We’re getting excited to reveal what’s next in our company, as leaders and in our lives – with YOU! 

Intentional Greatness® is re-emerging in the next weeks into a more refined, laser-focused and engaging offering and we’re in the process of readying ourselves to share it. Please watch, listen, read and engage with us. 

We are excited to take ourselves and YOU to an intentionally great future! 

Sue HawkesConvergence #561