Room For Each Of Us #570

by Sue Hawkes

When it’s an emotionally challenging time I remind myself, this is nothing new.  

We’ve lived through difficulties, death, trauma, tragedy and conflict before. Certainly, it seems like it’s painfully exaggerated by the pandemic.  

Yet, when I turn to writing, music and art, I find comfort.  

Nature helps, exercise and self-care work.  

Laughter, relationships and conversation make it feel better. 

Ensuring I find goodness and connection when it’s hard is the path forward. It’s not easy, but we’ll get through this – we always do. 

Thank you, Morgan Harper Nichols

Not all feelings have words.  

Not all storms have names. 

We are all going through this together, but the way we process will not look the same. 

Some will find the good in a matter of minutes.  

For others, it will take years. 

There is no one way of traveling through this, and I hope on this journey,  

there can be room for each of us here. 

Sue HawkesRoom For Each Of Us #570