This Works, Try It #572

by Sue Hawkes

Breaking down and thinking through blog #571 is on my mind.  

I’ve now blown up the image and posted it on the wall behind my computer monitor so I see it and practice daily. (please see blog 571 for the photo if you haven’t printed it) 

I’m enjoying the reminder to check in on or connect with someone daily. I do this, yet with intention can do so more meaningfully. At this time in our world and especially in Minneapolis, it seems worthwhile. 

Checking in with myself and really challenging my thinking about what expectations of “normal” I am letting go of seems even more important this year. 2021 is messier than 2020 and reminding myself consistently that there is no normal, only my normal, is a great practice. 

How am I getting outside? It’s easy to remain indoors when it’s grey and gloomy, and I’ve realized a short walk is a game changer. Nature heals. Full stop. 

Looking at question six, this is the biggie for reframing the tough stuff. It helps. When I think of the beauty I am either creating, cultivating or inviting in, that causes me to disrupt anything to the contrary.  

Try it. Invite others to do so as well…this works. When enough of us are living this way, a world that works for everyone happens. 

Sue HawkesThis Works, Try It #572